Welcome to The British Quinoa Company and Quinoa UK

Please find our new website which is currently under development at www.britishquinoa.co.uk or find us on Facebook by searching for The British Quinoa Company.

We are suppliers of quality quinoa grains to UK industry. Our product is grown and processed within the EU, giving you reassurance of traceability and quality. All our quinoa is 100% gluten free, supplied fully processed and is ready to use. If you need any help, just let us know and we shall do our best to assist you!

We at Quinoa UK are here to help you develop your quinoa products by working with you to fulfil your requirements.


Believed to be a superfood, quinoa is a wonderful grain for adding to all sorts of recipes to give new flavours, great textures and real boost in nutritional value. It’s versatility lends itself for adding to products such as salads, breads, pasta and biscuits.


What is quinoa?

“Quinoa is a healthy and delicious alternative to rice or pasta! It is high in protein, full of minerals and a great source of fibre”